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Why IQ?

Premium Quality

At IQ we pride ourselves on our teaching and professionalism. Head instructor EJ Everett has more than a decade of teaching experience. With all other instructors going through a rigorous instructors course on HOW to teach. Our goal is to awaken and nurture the incredible abilities that everyone carries and to help each practitioner realize their fullest potential. 

Close Community

It is our pleasure to serve the community by creating the highest quality learning environment and a fertile ground for self development. With a welcoming environment for new comers, and an open door for veterans we have something to offer everyone regardless of experience level. 

Clean Environment

Our unique facility is full of character, built to meet all of your training needs in a comfortable family environment.

  • Our main training area contains nearly 1,700 sq. ft. of the best 2" Pro Century mats, cleaned daily

  • Full 6-foot wall mats for a variety of training scenarios

  • Coffee Bar and Lounge Area

  • Pro shop stocked with high-quality training inventory and apparel

  • Rental equipment available for convenience of visitors and new students

  • Changing room, and restroom

  • Visitor seating, convenient parking

  • Refrigerator stocked with hydrating beverages


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Learn About The IQ Lineage

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